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Kozminski University Students

The Kozminski University community comprises over 12,000 students from different stages of life and professional paths. This includes recent high school graduates, first-year students, individuals pursuing their second studies, and managerial staff seeking new challenges and inspiration for positive changes through postgraduate and MBA studies.

Additionally, doctoral students refine their research skills and write dissertations as part of our doctoral school. Of our total student population, more than 1,500 are foreigners who either complete their entire studies at our academy or come to us on exchange from European and non-European partner universities.

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Kozminski University is celebrating its 30th anniversary!
Behind us (but also ahead of us!) a tremendous amount of excitement, emotion, extraordinary classes, honors and strengthening ties. It is good to be part of a university that focuses on relationships, growth, and community. Choose a graphic and share it on your social media with one click. You can also download the

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